Welcome to Marks Mediation, LLC

At Marks Mediation, LLC we apply a laser like focus to settling your claim.  We are reliable; you can count on us.  We use our unique perspective, empathy, creativity and objectivity to obtain the best solution for all parties.



At Marks Mediation, LLC our focus is on your claim. From initial inquiry to claim resolution your claim is our priority.  Your initial inquiry will be answered within 24 hours.  At the mediation conference, our complete attention will be on your claim; we do not double book.  We also use objectivity and creativity to resolve the difficult claim.

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The "reality check" is a cornerstone strategy here at Marks Mediation, LLC. We believe that setting and agreeing on an objective standard is where true negotiation begins. Therefore, we employ the "reality check" early in the mediation conference. When emotion begins to negatively impact the mediation process the parties are gently nudged back to the previously agreed upon objective standard. It is at this point where the parties begin to understand the implications of their expectations.

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At Marks Mediation, LLC creative solutions are explored to avoid stalemate. We discuss objective criteria or do a "reality check" early in the mediation conference. We create an atmosphere where all parties win. We help you understand how resolving the claim creates certainty, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of litigation.

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